Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First day of school

Savannah is really into wearing everyone's shoes. Here she got ahold of a pair of mine.

Today, Wednesday the 12th of August, the girls started school. Brianna is in fourth grade and Emily is in 2nd grade.

Dallin started preschool on Monday the 10th.

More summer fun!

Emily lost her first tooth on the night of July 3rd. Here she is on the Fourth of July with her tooth gone.

Jason's parents and his brother Jordan and sister Megan came up for the Fourth of July. Here are the kids at the parade.

Jason's sister Maurine and her kids came up for a visit this summer. Here we are having a campfire in our back yard.

Jason took the family out on the lake for a ride on his boat.

These are some dresses I made for the girls. They were at their cousin Brigham's baptism in this picture.

This is Dallin's first summer to play in T-ball. He seemed to think it was really fun.