Sunday, May 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day this year was on a Sunday. So here are all my cuties dressed in their red and pink!

We were invited to a party and I made this yummy chocolate cake with chocolate roses.

We have a Valentine's Day tradition in the McCaleb household of heart shaped pancakes for breakfast!

Emily's 9th birthday

For her special day Emily had a bunch of her friends over for pizza on Friday night. They made some fun spring time headbands and flip flops and played a lot of just dance on the wii! She received some very generous gifts from friends and Grandparents and she seemed to think it was a lot of fun!

St. Patrick's day fun!

For St. Patrick's day the kids decided to make a leprechaun trap. In the morning they found the leprechaun had sadly gotten away but had left some gold chocolate and green M&M's. There were even some leprechaun footprints around the trap!