Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer fun!

Brianna and Emily attended theatre camp again this year. The play they put on was 101 Dalmatians. Emily was a dalmatian and Brianna was a boxer dog. They were both really good and cute! Good job girls!

We had a few visitors for the 4th of July. Grandma and Grandpa McCaleb came with Megan and Jordan and Aunt Molly and Uncle Jarom came with their 3 kids. We had so much fun. On July 3rd our town had a big parade and that night we went to the fireworks.
Here are a few of my favorite moments:

Brianna and Emily flipping over each other in the candy scramble (no one was hurt).

Dallin asking me if I wanted a piece of candy even though he was having such a hard time getting any candy at all (it was survival of the fittest out there). It was like the widows mite!

Savannah waving her flag the entire parade and then jumping out of her chair and yelling YE HA over and over when the horses went by!

Connor kicking and laughing at the fireworks even though it was really late at night and very loud!

We really had a fun time. On Sunday after church we went over to the camp site that everyone was at and had a camp fire. Thanks for coming everyone!

A picture says a thousand words.

Jason is always trying to convince the girls to rub his feet. Usually he looses the battle, but this one time he was successful. However, there was a catch. The girls had one condition and here is the result (notice the painted fingernails!)

Here is Connor at 8 months. He is sporting his new swimming outfit. We were in Scottsdale for Jason's company's regional meeting. They invite the families and put us up in a fancy resort. The families get to have fun while the men are in meetings. There was a big water park right at the resort where we spent quite a bit of time. The weekend ended with a formal dinner for the adults where Jason received an award. Good job honey! Anyway, it was a fun weekend.

Brianna and Emily and I had a fun girls night when the boys were at the father and son's camp out. We made some cute hair accessories, flower rings, and flip flops. I also took some of their holy jeans and cut them off at the knee. Then I added a fabric cuff and made some matching headbands. All the projects turned out cute, but I haven't taken pictures of most of them. I guess we need to have a fashion show and get some pictures. Anyway, here is one picture we got.

I had such a fun time making Brianna's fondant cake that I made one for a friend's birthday and for the 4th of July!