Sunday, June 12, 2011

Student of the year!

Brianna was voted in by her classmates as student of the year. They picked one from each fifth and sixth grade class. She is a great student and friend to others. These pictures are of Brianna with her teacher, her principal, and the other participants. She even got her picture in the local paper! Way to go Brianna!

Brianna's 11th birthday party!

Brianna had a bunch of friends over for her birthday and we ate pizza, made jewelry, played games, ate cake, and opened presents. She seemed really happy with it! Brianna is such a great helper for us. She has really been a great babysitter and kind sister! She has been developing a lot of talents this year in piano, flute, and art class. We love you Brianna!

Sleeping Beauty

Brianna and Emily participated in a children's theatre project. This year the production was sleeping beauty. The girls were in the woodland animals group and got to be cute bunnies. They were so cute and got to participate in a lot of singing and dancing. Great job girls. We really enjoyed watching it!

Grandma Murdock

We attended my grandmother's funeral last week. Her name was Margaret Murdock. She was such a wonderful lady, musician, and stalwart example. We will really miss her. Her funeral was such a beautiful celebration of her life. We traveled clear up to Idaho which from our house which was about a 15 hour drive. We got to see Aunt Kenna (my sister) and her family on the way up and back as we spent the night at her house as a half way stopping point. She couldn't attend because of being only a few days away from having a baby (which she just had yesterday!) Anyway, we had so much fun seeing my family and extended family that we do not get to see often. Here is a picture of the kids at Grandma and Grandpa Murdock's house and at the luncheon. Memorial day was Brianna's birthday so we had a little cake there for her too.

Pretty kids!

Here is a picture of the kids dressed up. We really have a hard time getting a descent picture!

Dallin's Kindergarten graduation!

Here is our cutie cowboy Dallin. This is at his Kindergarten graduation. They had a western theme that was really fun. We are really proud of Dallin. He is one smart kid. His teacher said she had to change a reading game. It was who could yell out the name of a word first, but then they changed it to who can beat Dallin. He has really excelled at reading and was started on a 2nd grade reading program. Way to go Dallie boy!

Tangled cake

Here is a cake that I did for my friend's daughter who wanted a Rapunzel cake from the movie Tangled. It was my first time ever "constructing" anything with rice krispy treats and covering anything odd shaped in fondant. As you can see I have alot to learn since by the end the tower was leaning a bit. It lasted though and she was very happy with it.

Spring piano recital

Here are Brianna and Emily at their spring piano recital. They both did excellent. Brianna played Fur Elise and Emily played Adelveiss from the Sound of music. Good job girls!

Easter 2011

The kids on Easter morning ready for church. It was a very hectic morning so the picture taking was extremely quick. Nobody noticed Connor had his blankie with him until we looked at the pictures later. Oh well. They were all super cute in person. I really need to get a better camera so you can really see how cute my kids are:)

Here is Savannah finding eggs in the Easter egg hunt we did. I'm not sure what is up with her outfit. It was a little breezy that day so I think someone took pity on her and threw some sweats on over her original outfit. Anyway, it was a very busy weekend. We had most of Jason's family at our house for Easter this year. I think the total was 31 people! We had a lot of fun this year. We misplaced our camera in the chaos so all of these pictures are from our video camera. We didn't end up with many pictures but here's what we have.

Opening Easter baskets!

Here are all the kids dying Easter eggs with their cousins! (I think Connor was gone taking a nap)