Sunday, April 11, 2010

3 months of McCaleb fun!

Here are the kids on Easter with their candy. I wanted to make them Easter outfits, but with 5 kids I didn't think it was very realistic so I settled on making some accessories (boys ties, Savannah's jacket, and hair fabric flowers.) It was so much easier and just as fun!

We had a family party for Emily's 8th birthday. The poor girls was sick on her birthday and didn't even get to go to school. She did get to bring in her cupcakes the next day though. She gets to be baptized on April 24th and she will have a lot of people there to support her for that!

Here is Connor at 5 months old. He always has his two fingers in his mouth. (yes it's a purple bumbo. That's what happens when you are number five and your parents are too cheap to replace something just because it's a girl color ha ha!)

The Friday before Easter we took the kids down to the Phoenix Zoo. They got to pet some sting rays and go on a camel ride. I had the "priviledge" of accompanying Savannah on her ride since Jason had taken his turn on the carousel! We had a great time and that night we went and saw the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple. It was really special since some of my kids are old enough now to actually understand what was being talked about. Emily especially thought it was neat since she will be baptized this month.

On April Fools I made the family some chicken "not" pies for dinner. They looked like chicken pot pies but inside there was vanilla pudding and candies shaped like veggies. They were sure surprised that mom let them have dessert for dinner!

Brianna got first place for her class at the Science Fair this year! Her project was to see if playing music would help plants grow. Great job Brianna!

The kids were playing with the horses I made for Dallin's cowboy themed birthday party. I had forgotten to take a picture at the party so I figured I would take one for memories sake

Valentine's Day marked Connor being 4 months old!

We had some fun on Valentine's day. I did a different heart hairdo on each of the girls and successfully made 72 pink heart shaped rice krispy treats for three different class parties. Not to mention filling out 72 valentine's cards complete with candy treat. Good thing the kids can sign their own names!

Here is Dallin receiving an award at school for the character trait of being honest.