Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas 2010!

Well, I think these pictures can tell their own story! It was a typical Christmas morning where excitement and wrapping paper were literally everywhere. I forgot to take a before picture where everything was in neat pretty piles, but you can see the afterwards!

Christmas Eve anticipation! The kids were so excited for Santa to come! We spent Christmas Eve at our own home and did the traditional reading of Luke 2 and a special dinner.

Savannah loved to talk to Santa at the ward Christmas party.

Here are the kids at Grandma and Grandma McCaleb's house. After opening up presents on Christmas morning we headed down to Tucson for a few days of fun with family.

Emily got to sing some pretty fun songs at the 3rd grade Christmas program!

Brianna started playing the flute this year. Here she is at her first band concert! She also got to sing with a group of five girls in front of the school during the singing portion of the 5th grade Christmas program. I think I must have gotten that on video and forgotten to take a still shot. oops.

Here is Dallin at his Kindergarten Christmas program. They were so cute!

The kids had fun decorating gingerbread cookies

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thanksgiving at our house

This year we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving at our new house. Jason's brother Jeremy and their family came and the next day Jason's parents and "single" siblings came. We had a houseful, but it was a lot of fun! Aunt Rebecca had the kids set up with pin the feather on the turkey and cute turkey headbands where they had to write what they were thankful for on the feathers. I was especially thankful for a house with a little more room this year!

Dallin's 6th birthday!

Dallin turned 6 on Dec. 16th! He is in Kindergarten this year and doing great! His last report card said he had mastered every skill and he is an exceptional reader. He is a very good kid. He won't go to bed at night unless he has said his prayers. He likes to thank Heavenly Father for everything including "Santa (because he brings you presents), your eyes (because they help you see), and friendship!" When I was combing his hair last Sunday before church he asked if that was how missionaries did their hair because he wanted to be just like a missionary! We love Dallin for his goodness and his funny sense of humor. All of his teachers say he keeps them laughing!

Savannah's 3rd birthday!

Savannah turned 3 on November 22nd. Savannah has a lot of spirit. When she is happy she likes to give a lot of love and kisses. When she is not happy. . . well you know three year olds! We love Savannah. She has just entered Sunbeams and everyone in primary can't believe how good the entire class is. They sit so nicely! She loves to bring her little scripture bag to church and be just like her older brother and sisters. She loves to say "for reals" after everything she says and "b'cause" if you ever ask her why. She is such a cute girl and we love you Savannah!