Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas 2011!

These are some pictures of the kids at the ward Christmas party. We also have pictures of the Christmas Eve nativity with the kids dressed up. Unfortunately we have no pictures of Christmas day. I'm not sure what happened but we do have a lot of video so the memories will not be forgotten. Brianna and Emily got guitars, Dallin got a remote control car, Savannah got a pretend pony, and Connor got a tricycle. They were all soooo cute in their Christmas outfits. We might have to recreate the look and get a picture next time! For New Year's their cousins came and Jason and I were able to go out with Jeremy and Rebecca to a live band with country dancing. It was actually a really fun way to bring in the New Year! And again no pics:(

Dallin turns 7!

This year Dallin has really liked the science experiments his teacher does at school. We decided to have a mad scientist birthday party complete with dry ice and caution tape. We did some fun experiments instead of games, like exploding some pop with mentos and melting chip bags into mini size. They all liked his test tube cake. He had a lot of friends there and I'm not sure why we didn't get a picture of everybody. Dallin is a sweet boy and a very smart kid. He loves to play the wii and has a very funny sense of humor. We love you Dallin!

Fall happenings!

This fall we took a Sunday drive out to Holly Lake to see the changing leaves. It is very pretty up there in the fall. We kind of let the kids wear whatever they want after church so please excuse Savannah's creative liberties on her outfit!

We had fun going sledding out in Heber with our friends the Williams. We built a camp fire and had hot chocolate while everyone took turns sledding on the inner tubes. You can even see some chocolate mustaches. . ha ha!

We have had so much snow this year! The kids got a few snow days to enjoy. Here are some pictures of them playing in the snow. For some reason we couldn't find Dallin's old snow suit from when he was 2. The only thing we could find for Connor was this girl suit from the 80's that somebody gave us. Hopefully he won't be too mad when he gets old enough to realize what we put him in:)

Here are Emily and Brianna at their Christmas piano recital. They both looked so pretty and did very well on their pieces. Brianna was asked to play her piece for Sacrament meeting on Christmas day. She played it very well that day too!

It's hard for me to believe that Brianna is now in Junior High! For Homecoming week they had a different theme each day. One day was when they all had to dress up as farmers. She has also been doing really well in band. She plays the flute and they moved her up to Honor band the second week of school. Then she was the only sixth grader in the school to make it to the all state band. She is a great flute player and she also started learning the guitar this year too.


This year for Halloween we had Brianna as "Twister", Emily as "monkey business", Dallin was Mario, Savannah was a princess and Connor was a pirate. They were all so cute. Brianna actually got an award for best costume at school. The rest of the pictures probably explain themselves - a trip to the pumpkin patch, carving jack - 0 - lanterns, and monster feet cookie school treats! The kids had a lot of fun trick or treating at the ward trunk or treat and then Jason took the older kids out for some more serious trick or treating!

Savannah's 4th birthday!

Savannah is really becoming a very good big sister. She helps watch out for Connor and they are becoming good buddies. She loves unicorns and ponies. She loves to talk and makes up princess stories that are very entertaining. She has a very big heart and a lot of spirit! We love you Savannah!

For her 4th birthday we had her friends over for a rainbow themed birthday. She was a little disappointed that it wasn't a pink and purple princess pony party (that request came the day before the party after all rainbow supplies had been purchased). Thank goodness Grandma Bennion came to the rescue and gave Savannah a pink and purple barbie pony without even knowing Savannah's request! On her actual birthday we had a family party and bought her a pink princess cake and she was happy all around!

Connor's 2nd birthday

Connor is such a cute boy! He is really learning to talk. He is very good at saying thank you for everything. He loves to give kisses and hugs. He calls Savannah baby, which is pretty funny. His favorite thing is his blankie. Everybody loves Connor because he is such a loving boy and will always cuddle with anyone. We love you Connor!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bennion Family Reunion!

Here is Mom and Dad who started it all! Thank you so much for bringing us all together. We had so much fun. Our favorite part was just getting to see everyone, but, here are some other fun things we got to do! We love you!

We stayed at a beautiful cabin in Park City Utah. We did alot of visiting, eating, crafts, games, and viewing of old home videos!

One fun thing we did was visit the Alpine Slides. Brianna, Emily, Jason and some others went on the zip line. While the rest of us were waiting we took the kids on the carousel. Not pictured is our trip down the luge runs. We had so much fun!

We took a train ride on the Heber Creeper. We had a car all to ourselves and even ate lunch on the train!

Family Picture Time!