Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fall happenings!

This fall we took a Sunday drive out to Holly Lake to see the changing leaves. It is very pretty up there in the fall. We kind of let the kids wear whatever they want after church so please excuse Savannah's creative liberties on her outfit!

We had fun going sledding out in Heber with our friends the Williams. We built a camp fire and had hot chocolate while everyone took turns sledding on the inner tubes. You can even see some chocolate mustaches. . ha ha!

We have had so much snow this year! The kids got a few snow days to enjoy. Here are some pictures of them playing in the snow. For some reason we couldn't find Dallin's old snow suit from when he was 2. The only thing we could find for Connor was this girl suit from the 80's that somebody gave us. Hopefully he won't be too mad when he gets old enough to realize what we put him in:)

Here are Emily and Brianna at their Christmas piano recital. They both looked so pretty and did very well on their pieces. Brianna was asked to play her piece for Sacrament meeting on Christmas day. She played it very well that day too!

It's hard for me to believe that Brianna is now in Junior High! For Homecoming week they had a different theme each day. One day was when they all had to dress up as farmers. She has also been doing really well in band. She plays the flute and they moved her up to Honor band the second week of school. Then she was the only sixth grader in the school to make it to the all state band. She is a great flute player and she also started learning the guitar this year too.

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Kenna said...

Those Fall pictures are gorgeous!! I love savannah's outfit!! We have some pretty clever get ups on Sunday over at our place as well! I love Conners snowsuit too...classic!! You guys have So much snow!!! Every time I see pictures of your place it makes me want to come visit so bad! Some day maybe!:) I also love that Brianna is following in your "flutesteps" ha ha good one huh!! Sounds like she has your natural talent. Is she using you flute? I think she needs to play at the next reunion!!