Sunday, January 29, 2012

Savannah's 4th birthday!

Savannah is really becoming a very good big sister. She helps watch out for Connor and they are becoming good buddies. She loves unicorns and ponies. She loves to talk and makes up princess stories that are very entertaining. She has a very big heart and a lot of spirit! We love you Savannah!

For her 4th birthday we had her friends over for a rainbow themed birthday. She was a little disappointed that it wasn't a pink and purple princess pony party (that request came the day before the party after all rainbow supplies had been purchased). Thank goodness Grandma Bennion came to the rescue and gave Savannah a pink and purple barbie pony without even knowing Savannah's request! On her actual birthday we had a family party and bought her a pink princess cake and she was happy all around!

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Kenna said...

Yet another idea I think I will steal from you! Savannah is such a sweet heart!!! She is getting so big!