Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas 2011!

These are some pictures of the kids at the ward Christmas party. We also have pictures of the Christmas Eve nativity with the kids dressed up. Unfortunately we have no pictures of Christmas day. I'm not sure what happened but we do have a lot of video so the memories will not be forgotten. Brianna and Emily got guitars, Dallin got a remote control car, Savannah got a pretend pony, and Connor got a tricycle. They were all soooo cute in their Christmas outfits. We might have to recreate the look and get a picture next time! For New Year's their cousins came and Jason and I were able to go out with Jeremy and Rebecca to a live band with country dancing. It was actually a really fun way to bring in the New Year! And again no pics:(


Kenna said...

I love that we all continue to do the nativity on christmas eve....can you image Christmas without it!!!

krista said...

Kara! I feel like I haven't talked to you forever!! I hope you had so much fun with mom and dad last could you not?:) I loved every single picture, you continue to amaze me by doing a special cake for each kid, they are all so cute! Way to go Brianna with your flute! It must be in the genes:) I also love that we're "keeping the beard alive" for the nativity!! love you guys!!